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  ¡¤ Address £ºChangshu Southeast Development Zone, Fuchun River Road
¡¤ Before Sale£º0512-52157981
¡¤ After Sale£º0512-52301151
¡¤ Fax£º0512-52529248
¡¤ Phone£º(86)18936109888
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Changshu Wanlong Power Technology R & D Co.,Ltd.
Address£º  Changshu Southeast Development Zone, Fuchun River Road
Postal Code£º  215500
Contact£º  Wang Jianzhong
Phone£º 18936109888
Fax£º  0512-52529248
Before Sale£º  0512-52157981
Sales Hotline£º  0512-52157981
Service purposes
¡¡¡¡The company "quality first, service first, integrity first" business philosophy, the biggest meet customer demand, we expect more partners and formed close together, shared interests of the team. We will provide the best products and the best quality service to our customers. 
¡¡¡¡Qizhan Hong diagram, collaboration and win-win - our cooperation will be deep value
[Map] welcome you to inquire or to visit our company!
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Address£ºChangshu Southeast Economic Development Zone Fuchun River Road at the eastern end
Tel£º0512-52157981    Service£º0512-52529248    Cell phone£º£¨86£©18936109888   Su ICP 11082667   Technical support£ºSDW Web